Reduce noise up to x13 times with our silent diamond blades


The MegaLine Silent Maxx is our silent laser-welded diamond blade, it is our most efficient specification, with up to 17mm high segments and a bespoke specification for the best performance in each application.

With its exclusive patented steel-centre technology, MegaLine Silent Maxx is the most silent diamond blade on the market, with noise reduction up to x13 times less noise than a standard 230mm diamond blade. 
Residential areas, city centres, schools and hospitals are especially sensitive to noise, with more and more local regulations preventing excessive noise levels. MegaLine Silent Maxx protects the surrounding area from disturbing cutting noise.
In addition to the MegaLine Silent Maxx, we also offer the Industrial Line Silent 230mm diamond blade. With up to 12mm high segments for good cutting life and reduced vibration for a comfortable cut, the Industrial Line Silent diamond blade reduces noise up to x3 times versus a standard Industrial Line blade.
silent graph