Flexovit offers a wide variety of discs for all applications from grinding and deburring to blending, cleaning and finishing. High performance abrasive types and backing technologies provide optimum performance regardless of the application.

  • fibre_discs_02_img_01
    Fibre discs

    For stock removal, general finishing and high sentive materials such as stainless steel.

  • megaline_zirconium_twin_power_125mm_plastic_backed._img_01
    Flap discs

    For rough and intermediate grinding, blending and finishing.

  • sanding_discs_img_01
    Paper discs

    For stripping, sanding and finishing wood and metal surfaces.

  • midas_shot_4_img_01
    Foam discs

    Quick release foam backed discs for sanding wooden curves and contours.

  • fibreflex_discs_img_01
    Semi-flex discs

    Fibre-flex discs for heavy duty grinding of steel, aluminium, cast iron, marble, granite, concrete and fibre glass.

  • ziz_2984_vrij_img_01
    Flat non woven disc

    For rust removal andf light cleaning of metal, and denibbing wood and plastic.