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    Performance abrasives for use in the manufacture of doors, gates, fences, shutters, garage doors, metal frames for industrial equipment, pre-fabricated metal sheets, frameworks and scaffolding.
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    Maintenance and repair jobs such as weld prep, grinding, deburring, rust removal & clean-up are vital in maintaining quality products. Flexovit offers performance solutions for every application.
  • Aerospace


    Increase production & reduce cost in the production of landing gear cases, wing structures, reactor structures, auxiliary fins and fuselage structures.
  • Shipyard


    Trust Flexovit to perform in the toughest environments for building civilian & warships, and the maintenance and repair of small and large vessels in applications from cutting-off to finishing.
  • Pipes


    High performance abrasives for the construction & mounting of metal sheets and pipes on industrial sites.
  • Tanks


    Flexovit holds expertise in abrasive applications in the manufacture and assembly of steel and stainless steel tanks for food and chemicals.
Flexovit Solutions for Metal Fabrication
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