Maxx3: powers through metal

Maxx 3 grinding wheel black and white

Work smarter not harder with our Flexovit Maxx3 grinding wheels. The innovative design offers remarkable power and refined control from start to finish, powering through metal effortlessly and lasting longer to reduce downtime and costs.


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Tests have shown that Flexovit Maxx3 grinding wheels can remove up to 70% more metal in a faster time than many competitor wheels thanks to our proprietary grain technology and homogeneous abrasive distribution. This means the wheel wears more evenly to increase productivity and save you time and money.



  1. MAXX OPERATOR COMFORT – Reduced hand fatigue from less cutting vibration

  2. MAXX METAL REMOVAL – A sharper wheel for faster cutting action, reduced pressure and less grinding time

  3. MAXX WHEEL LIFE – Less cost, downtime & waste as you need fewer wheels

Flexovit Maxx3 grinding wheels can be used for weld preparation, removal and cleaning, pipe bevelling and stock removal on black steel, duplex, high chrome alloys and hard alloys. They're ideal for use in a number of industries, including MRO, offshore operations, shipyards, metal fabrication and steel construction. 
Marek Chudzinski, Director of Product Management and Strategy for cutting off and grinding wheels, worldwide at Saint-Gobain Abrasives, comments, “Flexovit Maxx3 is tough enough to last yet smooth enough for easier grinding. Wheels that use a precision-shaped ceramic grain tend to have a different feel to the Flexovit Maxx3 grain, which is usually more rounded than pointed, allowing for a more robust, sharper cutting action and greater operator control. These wheels don’t grab or dig when used in any direction they simply glide through the workpiece while removing metal. This also means the free cutting control can boost the amperage on its own without additional pressure needed on the tool. Smoother feel. Better control. Improved comfort.”



For 60 years, Flexovit has provided high performance cutting and grinding solutions, proving its technical know-how and experience to professionals worldwide. Our commitment to improving industrial performance has never been stronger thanks to significant R&D investment, bringing this new blend of proprietary ceramic grain and bond system to life to deliver extraordinary grinding results.
Flexovit puts performance and cost savings first. Only with the best solutions, can real savings be made. Maxx3 is the next step in improving productivity and efficiency in industrial grinding processes, offering benefits throughout your organisation from reducing process cost to improving operator comfort.
For more information, contact your local sales representative or download our brochure below.