Our Products

Flexovit offers powerful, user friendly solutions enabling our customers to shape and surface finish all types of materials even in the most complex and challenging applications. From hi-tech precision grinding to simple sanding practices in DIY & home improvement.

  • flexovit_maxx3_125mm_fibre_backed_fld_img_01

    Discs for grinding, stock removal, blending, deburring, cleaning, finishing and polishing.

  • spirabands_intro_2_img_01
    Hand drill Specialties

    A selection of shapes, sizes and grains, 'specialty' items are for use on an electric power tool.

  • megaline-db_2
    Diamond Blades and tools

    Diamond blades for angle grinders, petrol, masonry, tile and floor saws. Cup grinders for use on angle grinders.

  • ziz_2994_vrij_img_01

    For file, narrow and portable belt machines.

  • green_paper_roll_rood_img_01

    For stripping, sanding and finishing by hand or on an orbital sander.

  • flap_wheels_v2_img_01
    Flap Wheels

    For roughing, smoothing and polishing on angle grinders, bench grinders and die grinders.

  • mounted-points-burrs_2
    Mounted points & burrs

    Different shapes available for stock removal, deburring, blending and finishing hard to reach areas.

  • ziz_5155pad_img_01

    For sharpening cutting tools including chisels, lathes, knivesm blades and precision instruments

  • ziz_3067_vrij_img_01
    Wire Brushes

    For cleaning, removing welds, scale, paint, rust, on large and hard to reach areas.

  • back-up-pads-flexbrite_2

    Flexovit offers a range of industrial performance accessories to accompany its abrasive range.

  • polishing_2
    Polishing products

    Mops, wheels, brushes and compounds for surface preparation, finishing and polishing.