Affordable consumables for everyday use

Affordable consumables for everyday use

From sole traders to big businesses, standard sandpaper is one of those consumable items that you always need but rarely think about. When it comes to sand paper, whether you’re using it once a week or every day, if you don’t need a specialised product, you just want a more affordable solution.

That’s where the new entry-level Flexovit K20N hand sanding range comes in. Available in cloth rolls and cloth rolls in a box, K20N products deliver the performance you’d expect from Flexovit at a more budget-friendly price. The range features an aluminium oxide grain which constantly breaks down as you sand to expose new, sharp edges for fast cut and good material removal on metals and wood. Flexovit K20N delivers great results even at a low cost, offering an excellent price-performance ratio when you’re looking to keep costs down.

Hand sanding products offer a lighter touch for woodworking and finishing a range of materials. You have better control and can sand areas that a power sander just can't reach. Flexovit K20N products conform to flat and complex surfaces with ease, so you can achieve a better finish whatever you’re working on. Our cloth rolls are ideal for small volume metal and woodworking applications, including scale and rust removal, scouring and light deburring, blending and fine sanding. You can also choose to have the cloth rolls in an easy-to-use dispenser unit, which offers a simple storage solution while also protecting the product so you don’t have any waste or damage, saving you even more time and money.

Check out the Flexovit K20N hand sanding range next time you need to stock up on sand paper. For more information, download our leaflet or speak with your local sales representative.