Flexovit Ad - UTG Launch

• Flexovit introducing our FIRST Ultra Thin Grinding Wheels
• Greater comfort, stability and precision
• Same safety and performance
• Because some things are better thin

Flexovit is proud to announce it’s official Ultra Thin Grinding (UTG) launch for 2018.
Building on our leading innovation of introducing the Ultra Thin Cutting wheel.

Now after years of research and development we bring you the next innovation, UTG the first Ultra Thin Grinding wheel.

This is one innovation you need to get your hands on to feel the difference.
- Greater Comfort:
                Due to the reduction in mass the gyroscopic forces have               
                been reduced offering less strain on the operator.
- Greater Stability:
                With the reduction of gyroscopic forces, the stability has been increased while decreasing vibrations.
- Greater Precision:
                The reduced thickness allows better judgement of
                the grinding point by double.
All this without compromising Safety, Performance or Longevity.
Safety is our #1 priority.

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