Maxx3: powers through metal

Maxx 3 fr

Work smarter not harder with new Flexovit Maxx3 grinding wheels. Our commitment to improving industrial performance has never been stronger thanks to significant R&D investment, bringing this new blend of proprietary ceramic grain and bond system to life, to deliver extraordinary grinding results. Flexovit Maxx3’s design provides remarkable power and refined control from start to finish, powering through metal effortlessly and using fewer wheels for the job.



  1. MAXX OPERATOR COMFORT – Reduced hand fatigue from less cutting vibration

  2. MAXX METAL REMOVAL – A sharper wheel for faster cutting action, reduced pressure and less grinding time.

  3. MAXX WHEEL LIFE – Less downtime & waste, using fewer wheels

For almost 60 years, Flexovit has provided high performance cutting and grinding solutions, proving its technical know-how and experience to professionals worldwide. Flexovit puts performance and cost savings first. Only with the best solutions, can real savings be made, and Maxx3 is the next step in improving productivity and efficiency in industrial grinding processes, offering benefits throughout your organization from reducing process cost to improving operator comfort.




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