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The use of abrasives in secondary steel industries is vast; from ship building and production of domestic appliances, automotive and construction components, special profiles, pipes and electrical goods to maintenance and repair of equipment, tools and machines. We understand operator safety, comfort and productivity is vital as is keeping operating cost and downtime to a minimum. We offer abrasive solutions that allow you to do all of this. From cutting-off and grinding, rust, weld, coating and paint removal, surface blending, finishing and polishing, our products offer excellent performance in cut rate and life. The personal safety of workers is a primary concern. 

What's New?
flap disc cover

Flexovit Flap Disc Flyer

More than 25% improved material removal rate the new Mega-line blue HD R860 flap discs offer a high-end zirconia solution.
Flexovit Catalogue 2020 Cover v2_0

Flexovit Pacific Abrasive Solutions Catalogue

View or download here our Flexovit product range catalogue for all your abrasive solutions.
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