Work smarter not harder with the new Flexovit Maxx3 flap discs

Maxx3 flap discs are made up of the next generation SG ceramic grain and a heavy polyester cloth backing, making the discs ideal for work on stainless steel, inconels, chromium cobalt, titanium or other hard-to-grind materials, providing a cool and fast cut for higher metal removal and longer product life.

You will find Maxx3 flap discs are available in both 115mm and 125mm, and in grits P40 and P60.
For 60 years, Flexovit has provided high performance abrasive solutions, proving its technical know-how and experience to professionals worldwide. Flexovit puts performance and cost savings first. Only with the best solutions can real savings be made and Maxx3 is the next step in improving productivity and efficiency in industrial applications, offering benefits throughout your organisation from reducing process cost to improving operator comfort.
Flap disc Maxx3