Remove rust with Mega-LineFlexclean

Removing rust without damaging metal

Vehicle parts are very susceptible to rusting as they are constantly exposed to humidity. Not only is rust unsightly but it can also affect the performance of the vehicle parts. However don’t panic! Removing rust from metal surfaces can be achieved when you have the right tools.
At Flexovit, we’re often asked 'how should I remove rust without damaging metal with an abrasive disc?' While it can certainly be tricky, there’s often a simple way of doing this (depending on the severity of the damage – if your car is 90% rust, 10% vehicle you might have left it too long!)
The answer to removing rust is use a Flexovit Mega-Line Flexclean!
Norton Blaze Rapid Strip working on rust on car part Rust removed from car part by Norton Blaze Rapid Strip
The Flexovit Mega-Line Flexclean disc removes rust with ease and does not gouge or cause excessive stock removal on metal. But that’s not all – Flexovit Mega-Line Flexclean will not shred during rust removal and thanks to its advanced, unique ceramic structure and depth it beats other stripping discs on the market.
So if you have rust to remove, please contact your local sales represenative or fill in your details on the contact us form to find out where you can purchase your Flexovit Mega-Line Flexclean disc!