High Performance Pink Flap Wheels


We’re delighted to introduce our new Mega-Line Pink Flap wheel. These ceramic alumina pink flap wheels are designed to deliver a smooth, consistent finish with an improved fast, cool and uniform rate of cut in the toughest applications, such as stock removal, blending, deburring and cleaning.

The new Pink Flap Wheel is ideal for hard to grind materials, super alloys, stainless steel and cobalt. The improved cut rate means you can tackle those demanding jobs with ease. The flap wheel also achieves a cooler cut as less heat is generated, preventing burn marks on metal workpieces so you won’t have to do the job again.

The durability of the Mega-Line Pink Flap Wheel means that its life can be extended by up to 100% in certain applications. This extended product life is achieved with our advanced, full resin bond system designed to promote excellent grain retention to ensure less wear. But even when wear does occur, the Flexovit spindle-mounted flap wheel construction means it happens at a controlled rate, exposing new grains as the flap wheel is in use to further prolong the life of the product. This means fewer changeovers – achieving increased productivity and lowering costs.

This even wear on the flexible but strong poly cotton backing means you can avoid any aggressive sanding actions and shadow marks, delivering an improved surface finish. You’ll love the smooth, chatter-free cutting action, which reduces fatigue during operation. It also means less debris is generated during use – so clean up at the end should be quicker.

The Flexovit Mega-Line pink flap wheels are ideal for uneven surfaces and offer a cost-effective replacement for brushes, rubber points and felt bobs. Close tolerances are possible, even on curved, contoured and hard to reach areas to make your life easier.

For more information, contact your local Flexovit representative.