Flexovit flap wheels for hard to reach areas

Flexovit spindle mounted flap wheels for handheld machines, conform perfectly to intricate shapes, cylindrical items and contours to ensure a consistent finish with a uniform rate of cut. Flexovit flap wheels wear away continually, exposing fresh abrasive cutting edges.

Available in a range of grit sizes, Flexovit spindle mounted flap wheels are versatile enough for a variety of applications including weld removal and preparation, blending, deburring, cleaning, finishing and even polishing. The flap wheels are available in diameters ranging from 20 to 80mm with a shank of 6mm which runs through the wheel allowing for better balance, reduced chatter and reduced operator fatigue.
Flange mounted flap wheels are also available for use on fixed machines such as grinders and polishers.  
Flexovit spindle mounted flap wheels