Blend, Refine and Finish with just one disc


Flexbrite non-woven discs for angle grinders have three components: strong synthetic fibre mesh and quality abrasives, bonded together by a smear-resistant adhesive. 

Our Mega-Line Flex Finish disc is our top tier finishing disc recommended for stock removal, heavy deburring, light deburring and light finishing. It features an engineered grain technology which provides multiple uses in one disc, from stock removal to finishing, reducing the need for multiple abrasive products. Mega-Line Flex Finish also provides increased life thanks to the dense fiber and tightly packed grain, meaning less downtime, and faster part throughput.

Mega-Line Flex Finish is available in 115 and 125mm, for more information or to find out your local stocking please contact your local Flexovit sales represenative or fill in the contact us form.