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Precision grinding is fast becoming a commonplace in industry with components reducing in size and at the same time with increasing complexities to their geometric design. Quick change discs are the perfect solution for grinding hard to reach and small surface areas which might be difficult to access using conventional abrasive discs. Whether you are grinding stainless steel, super alloys, carbon steel, aluminium or even wood; Flexovit quick change discs help you to grind contoured and flat surfaces quickly, precisely and to a high standard of finish.



Flexovit quick change discs range in diameters from 25mm to 75mm. These quick change discs are perfect for light to medium pressure grinding applications with faster cutting characteristics than conventional discs.  
Quick change discs are available in grits 36 to 75. Grits 36 to 50 are ideal for stock (weld) removal, and grits 60 to 120 are more suited to the removal of imperfections and blending work.  Use on a pneumatic mini-grinder with a rubber back-up pad of suitable hardness for best results. See your local Flexovit representative for more details. 
Flexovit quick change discs