Abrasive solutions for the Rail market

cutting rail

As rail track technology continually evolves and makes major advances, the requirement for abrasives in maintenance and repair operations is continually increasing, with the steel being used in the manufacture of rail track being purer and harder than ever in order to cope with increasing axel weight and total tonnage of new rail services.


Heat treatment, combined with high levels of carbon, manganese and silicon used in manufacturing make cutting and grinding operations increasingly tough.


As a multi-solution provider, Flexovit offers a number of abrasive products which comply with all European health, safety and environmental standards and are specifically designed for cutting and grinding rail track and surrounding materials.


Flexovit offer a range of cutting-off wheels that have been designed to provide longer life, quick and free cuts and suitable for both electric and petrol rail cut machines. Track grinding is a key application in the preservation and repair of rail, tram, and subway tracks. Flexovit grinding wheels, bonded wheels and cups cover a wide range of grinding needs, offering performance solutions for both portable hand-held and track mounted machines.

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