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From Industrial performance abrasives expert Flexovit comes a new addition to its impressive Maxx3 ceramic range - the Maxx3 Rail Cutting Wheel. This wheel has been specifically designed to excel in the rail market – delivering Maxx operator comfort, Maxx metal removal and Maxx wheel life.

The Maxx3 Rail promises a level of user comfort and product performance that not only competes with, but will eclipse the leading products in the market currently. Flexovit also emphasise that the cost savings that this product can provide, far outperform any other rail cutting wheel on the market.

One of the key benefits that contributes to the cost saving potential of the Maxx3 is the wheel’s long life span - reducing the number of replacement discs that are needed on any given rail cutting project. The long life span also ensures a level of safety as the operator does not have to move the cutting machine over the track as frequently in order to finish the cut – this can be a notoriously difficult and dangerous job.

Additionally, an innovative new bonding system helps to reduce the amount of vibration transferred through to the user. As such the operator is able to maintain greater control over the cut and cleaner, more weld-able material is achieved first-time with no re-work. Furthermore, as vibration is lower through this wheel, the complaints of white finger and associated issues will be reduced. 

Alongside all of the outstanding benefits that the Flexovit Maxx3 Rail provides, not least is its incredible rate of material removal and cutting speed. This is the hallmark of the ceramic grain that continually fractures even under low pressure and renews its sharpness for longer.

Derk Vruwink - Product Manager for Saint-Gobain Abrasives stated, “we are excited and proud to introduce the Maxx3 Rail to the Flexovit range.”

He continues, “We designed this cutting wheel to represent the very best in operator comfort and safety for the rail market. We understand that this line of work can be uncomfortable and often dangerous; with process inefficiency also a common complaint. We think that the Maxx3 is an ideal choice to address those issues for our customers.”

This product is currently available in 356mm x 4.0mm x 25.4mm. To arrange a visit from a representative or to request samples of this product, contact us via the Flexovit website – www.flexovit.com/en-emea.



Editor’s note:

Saint-Gobain Abrasives is positioned at the leading edge of innovation and service, providing the most comprehensive abrasives solutions packages to its customers via a portfolio of highly recognised brands such as Norton, Flexovit and Norton Winter. Saint-Gobain Abrasives offer powerful, precise, user-friendly solutions which enable customers to shape and surface finish all types of materials in the most complex and challenging applications. By working closely with its customers and by leveraging its global presence, Saint-Gobain Abrasives designs and provides optimised solutions and accessories to secure the best cost-performance ratio for its customers. Saint-Gobain Abrasives serves all sectors of the market and has a strong presence in every continent, sales operations in over 27 countries, and employs over 10,000 people. Abrasives form a key part of the High Performance Materials Division of Saint-Gobain, which is one of five key areas of activity in which Saint-Gobain operate.


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