Flexovit’s Latest Sanding Disc: FlexiMesh

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June 2019


Breathe Easily with Flexovit’s Latest Sanding Disc: FlexiMesh

Sanding is traditionally a dusty and often messy process but with Flexovit’s new FlexiMesh product, virtually dust-free sanding is assured. A significant upgrade on the ordinary perforated sanding disc, FlexiMesh features a unique mesh-like structure comprised of thousands of holes. The result of this specialised formation is unrivalled dust extraction when sanding.

Not only does this make for a healthier working environment and a superior finish, a cleaner sanding experience is provided for the operator. In addition, less time is spent cleaning up after sanding; boosting overall productivity. And, as there is no defined hole pattern to the disc, there is no requirement for realignment to the backing pad when the time comes to change the disc.

As clogging can be an issue when using a traditional sanding disc, Flexovit have applied the patented No-Fil® coating to the abrasive grain. This highly specialised treatment works in conjunction with the mesh matrix to prevent loading and keep the discs effective for longer. These features also help to keep scratch patterns fine and consistent throughout the process, as the grain wears evenly against the work surface.

Camille Enee, Product Manager for Coated Abrasives said:

“We are very excited to introduce FlexiMesh to the market and we think our customers are going to love the versatility of this product as it’s the perfect choice for any number of applications throughout manufacturing, industry, collision repair, and construction.”
“This is a genuine value-adding product range. It will make your business cleaner, save you time and ultimately, save you money.”
Flexovit FlexiMesh is available in Aluminium Oxide grain and in discs or rolls. To meet all application requirements, a full range of accessories is also available. Contact your Flexovit representative for more information.