In 2021 the ‘Sustainability Champions’ working group was launched in the UK. This cross functional group, with members from marketing, purchasing, operations and sales, focuses on implementing sustainable initiatives across the UK business in areas such as packaging, waste and CO2 reduction. 

Since then, a number of successes have been achieved: 

46% reduction in plastic packaging
usage vs. 2019

Following extensive trials and testing, a number of eco-packaging products were implemented, including: reduced thickness pallet shrink wrap; paper document wallets and paper tapes, saving 1,2 tons of plastic! Further trials are ongoing at both UK sites, with plans to fully implement eco-packaging during 2022. 


Reduced inbound shipments by
6 full containers per year

By altering the packaging and increasing the number of products per box across identified ‘problem’ lines, the number of pallets shipped was reduced by 50%, saving 6 full containers per year. 

Wild Flower Garden Flourishing

A ‘wild flower’ garden has been planted at the Stafford site to create an eco-friendly area that will attract bees, birds, butterflies and other insects, supporting the natural ecosystem and environment. 

0 Waste to Landfill

Working with a waste management partner we monitor our waste streams, recycling and carbon footprint with recycling initiatives helping to save 6 tons of CO2 in 2021.