Right Angle Grinder (RAG) Solutions from Flexovit

From blending to bevelling, our comprehensive new brochure is the go-to guide for all aspects of the Right Angle Grinder.


Not just angle grinder discs

It’s the most versatile tool in the metal fabricator’s collection and an essential component of many abrasive processes.

The Flexovit right angle grinder solutions brochure not only showcases the most suitable abrasives from its huge range, but shows our customers how to get the very best result in different applications, on carbon and stainless steel.

Within the brochure, process guides focus on six of the most common processes encountered when using an angle grinder in metal fabrication, from weld preparation to finishing.

The easy-to-understand flow charts firstly detail how to complete the process and are followed by what products are required to complete the process from the Flexovit range.

New Right Angle Grinder Solutions Brochure

angle grinder brochure 2020

User-Friendly Guide

At every stage we have tried to make the brochure as user-friendly and informative as possible and we are confident that it will help our customers better understand the Flexovit range as whole.

Great merchandising and point-of-sale materials are also available and can be obtained by speaking to a Flexovit representative or by contacting us via the online form.


Supporting Videos

To sit alongside these process flow charts, we are introducing 3 new videos that help illustrate how to use the products.

These include, Stainless Steel Weld Removal & Finishing, Paint & Corrosion Removal, Carbon Steel Weld Removal and all are available now to view on the Flexovit YouTube channel.



Stainless Steel Weld Removal and Finishing in 4 Steps


SGA image


Carbon Steel Weld Removal and Finishing in 4 Steps

SGA image

Metal Preparation With Flexovit Mega-line Flexclean

SGA image

For more information

For more information about any of the Right Angle Grinder solutions that Flexovit has to offer or to enquire about any other product in the collection, contact us via the online form or talk to a Flexovit representative.

All of the products featured in the Right Angle Grinder Solutions brochure can be purchased from our network of distributors.