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Perflex Professional Cutting Off Wheels

To celebrate the tournament in Russia we are delighted to introduce the latest Flexovit – Perflex cutting off wheel which is available in the UK.

Perflex 115mm x 1mm cutting off disc (Art No. 66252845029) has been specially developed by Saint Gobain for the professional market. This high quality disc improves end user production cycles and saves on cost.

Quality and Safety

As with all Saint-Gobain cutting and grinding products, the Perflex label disc is fully compliant with EN12413 and has OsA Approval, ensuring the end user receives the safest possible product and one that performs very consistently.



Free from iron, sulphur and chlorine, the disc is suitable for use on hard metals and will not contaminate stainless steel (inox). The disc may also be used on mild steel and will save approximately 60% cutting time when compared to a standard 3mm cutting disc.

The Perflex disc may be used on a wide range of angle grinders from 500W to 1400W without significant change in performance.

The combination of a grit size of 60 and a medium/hard bond (V) ensures the 1mm thick Perflex disc cuts extremely quickly, holds its shape to provide a straight cut, but does not wear as quickly as the more conventional discs on the market.


Recycled Packaging and Better Protection

Saint-Gobain’s innovative packaging provides numerous benefits for both the distributor and end user.

The biggest enemy of an abrasive wheel is moisture – which can significantly affect performance particularly when the disc is approaching the end of its three year shelf life. The plastic tub (made from recycled material) holds 100 discs and unlike metal tins, has an excellent seal which keeps moisture out.

The shape of the tub has been designed to allow stacking, so the retail area required to display the product is kept to a minimum, and the sturdy handle ensures there is minimal chance for the discs to be damaged/dropped, when being carried from the store to the work bench.


Where to Purchase

If you would like more information on this product or where to purchase, please speak with your local sales representative or alternatively:


Telephone:  01785 279 553