Our Fastest Cutting Disc Yet - Ultra-Thin 1.0mm

Work smarter and faster than before with Flexovit’s latest range of ultra-thin ceramic cutting discs.

Ultra-Thin Cutting Discs

What are the benefits of a thinner cutting disc?

1.Faster cutting

A thinner disc will cut through metal quicker. The smaller the contact point between disc and workpiece, the higher the surface pressure and lower the force required from the operator.

Even with little pressure applied by the operator, the Flexovit Maxx3 Ultra-Thin cutting disc still slices through metal; the disc does the work.

2. Precise cutting

An ultra-thin cutting disc provides clean and precise cuts on a consistent basis. This is great for further process steps as a clean cut is (for instance) much easier to weld.

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ultra thin cutting disc
3. Cutting disc life

The cool cutting Maxx3 ceramic grain gives this ultra-thin cutting disc even greater product life. With the customer getting more cuts per disc, processing times and costs are reduced.

In fact, testing has shown that there is (up to) a 40% increase in productivity when compared to other ceramic discs on in the market.

4. Comfortable cutting experience

Less force is required from the operator to get the cutting disc through the metal and as such, the Maxx3 Ultra-Thin Cutting Disc offers a much more comfortable cutting experience. At the same time, fewer vibrations and much less noise is generated when using this Ultra-Thin Cutting Disc.

5. Lower energy demands

The reduced friction when cutting and lower pressure requirements ensures that angle grinder can retain its RPM better and the disc retains the abrasive grains to a greater degree. The energy requirements are therefore lower, and, over time, this reduces the amount of general wear and tear on the angle grinder.

High Performance Maxx3 Ceramic Grain

Maxx metal removal. Maxx comfort. Maxx wheel life; the three great benefits guaranteed with the premium Maxx3 ceramic grain. It’s optimised structure and readily fracturing qualities mean that the abrasive stays sharp, cool and effective throughout the product’s life.

In real terms, the effect is an extremely smooth yet powerful cutting action whatever the application.

Why Should I Switch to This Cutting Disc?

This is our best-in-class cutting disc, super-fast, with unbeatable comfort in this thickness. Our ultra-thin 1.0mm range will make light work of any thin, hollow or tubular workpieces, boosting productivity, saving time and money.

This disc will outperform competitor ceramic cutting discs in the same format, don’t believe us?

Contact us and we will send you some samples to try.

More information about this range is also available by getting in touch with your Flexovit representative.