The NEW Flexovit Maxx3 Rail Cutting Disc


We promise a faster cut and a more comfortable experience from our new Maxx3 Rail cutting disc. This product has been specifically designed to excel in the rail market – delivering Maxx operator comfort, Maxx metal removal and Maxx wheel life.


MAXX3-Rail-AngleMaxx Operator Comfort 

The Maxx3 Rail promises a level of user comfort not only competes with, but will eclipse the leading products in the market currently. This is due to a new bonding system that significantly reduces the level of vibration that the operator experiences during the cutting process. Where white finger is a common complaint in the industry, this becomes a problem of the past. 

As there is less vibration to contend with, the operator is able to maintain greater control over the cut and cleaner, more weld-able material is achieved first-time around with no re-work required.

Maxx metal removal

Alongside all of the outstanding comfort that the Flexovit Maxx3 Rail provides, is the incredible rate of material removal and cutting speed it displays. This is the hallmark of the ceramic grain that continually fractures even under low pressure and renews its sharpness for longer. The disc therefore makes an ideal choice in time pressured situations such as the railway nightshift.


Maxx wheel life

One of the key benefits that contributes to the cost saving potential of the Maxx3 is the wheel’s long life span - reducing the number of replacement discs that are needed on any given rail cutting project. The long life span also ensures a level of safety as the operator does not have to move the cutting machine over the track as frequently in order to finish the cut – this can be a notoriously difficult and dangerous job.

Key Benefits


MAXX Comfort

Reduced vibration due to the need for less pressure during use – just let the cutting disc do the work.


MAXX Metal Removal

A sharper wheel for faster cutting, delivering higher efficiency due to ceramic grains that micro-fracture even under low pressure.


MAXX Wheel life

A longer wheel life and therefore reduced operating cost. No more machine overhaul; these discs will cut multiple times through the rail bar from one side.



How the Maxx3 can help

The Problem

Our Solution

Slow throughput 

•  High labour costs

•  Significant time pressure (particularly) on nightshifts

This disc outperforms other abrasives on the market – material can be cut in a shorter period of time than competitors.

Difficult and uncomfortable experience 

•  General physical discomfort

•  Lack of control over the cutting process

The Maxx3 ceramic grain and new bond system provide better comfort and control.

Low process efficiency 

•  High material removing products generally wear down too quickly

•  High cost of frequently replacing worn down cutting wheels

The price-performance ratio is enhanced by a long wheel life. The disc delivers straight cuts.

Short product life

•  High material removing products often wear out quickly

•  Frequently replacing worn down cutting wheels

Longer life than other products on the market - fewer wheels are needed - costs and time lost are reduced.


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