Introducing FlexiMesh – Virtually Dust-Free Sanding

Our research and development team have done it again! A clean, healthy working environment is currently in demand more than ever. To answer this need, Flexovit are delighted to introduce FlexiMesh; delivering a virtually dust-free sanding solution for industrial markets.

An upgrade on perforated sanding discs

Perforated sanding discs typically have anywhere between 6 and 15 holes for dust extraction when sanding. While this is good, it can leave an uneven finish and some dust may still escape into the air.

What’s better than a disc with 15 holes? - A disc with a mesh-like matrix comprised of thousands of tiny holes!

The net effect of this mesh structure is powerful and unrivalled dust extraction that will leave your surface even, smooth, and clean. That also goes for the air around the workplace, as FlexiMesh virtually eliminates those unwanted and potentially harmful dust particles.

Ideal for mutiple processes in manufacturing and the industrial markets, FlexiMesh brings a new solution to a whole range of applications.

No clogging and a fast, fine, finish

A specialised No-Fil® coating is applied to the abrasive grain in all FlexiMesh products. This combined with the mesh structure, prevents clogging of the abrasive so that it remains effective for longer.

FlexiMesh sanding disc

The coating also helps achieve a better finish and a finer scratch pattern faster, delivering consistent results throughout the product’s life as the grain wears down evenly.

With such an open structure and, due to the advanced resin bond system, FlexiMesh can be used in both wet and dry applications. To achieve the perfect finish no matter what conditions your individual process involves.

No product lasts forever but when you do eventually need to change the abrasive, the self-gripping backing allows you to do so quickly and easily. In addition, as there is no defined hole pattern (as with perforated sanding discs) there’s no wasted time trying to align the holes, correctly. With FlexiMesh, you just stick it a new product on and continue sanding!

A great choice no matter the application

FlexiMesh products can be used on a wide variety of different materials and surface types; contoured or flat, with or without a machine.

The availability of two quality tiers gives customers additional flexibility of choice depending on their specific needs and process requirements.

Flexovit’s super sharp, high performance ceramic grain provides unbeatable cutting performance for applications where speed is of the essence or the substrate is particularly tough to grind. Alternatively, FlexiMesh also has an aluminium oxide grain option that boasts a great price-to-performance.

Coarse grits have a hard backing for heavy duty applications, while lightweight backing adorns the finer gritted products to provide maximum flexibility for curves and contours.

Even more choice

Available in discs, cut sheets, rolls and with a range of accessories.For more information, contact the Flexovit team via our web form.

If you’re ready for a cleaner working environment, your Flexovit sales representative would also be delighted to talk you through the great benefits of this great new product range.