Multi Material Grinding Wheel Type 27 CA

Flexovit Multi Material grinding wheels are engineered to grind a wide variety of general purpose building materials. Ultra thin grinding (UTG) has been designed to deliver precision, stability & comfort when grinding. Ideal for trades people or serious DIY. Multi Material wheels are designed to grind Multi Material wheels are produced with silicon carbide grain which produces a smoother, faster more versatile result. This wheel is designed to grind a variety of materials, if grinding a single material repetitively, always choose the wheel most suited to that application. Proudly Australian made. Depressed centre wheels may also be referred to as raised hub wheels.
  • Wheel type : Type 27
  • 66253371768_flexovit_utgr-dcwheel_multi_material_125x3.0x22.23mm
  • C30P Premium grade Silicon Carbide grain
  • Ultra thin grinding
Product Uses
  • Markets
    • Maintenance, Repair & Operations
    • DIY & Home improvement
    • Metal Fabrication
  • Materials
    • 300 Series Stainless
    • 400 Series Stainless
    • Aluminum
    • Asphalt
    • Brass
    • Bronze
    • Cast Iron
    • Concrete
    • Copper
    • Ductile Iron
    • Fiberglass/Composites
    • Gray Iron
    • Hard Carbon Steels
    • Hard Woods
    • Masonry
    • Natural Stone
    • Soft Carbon Steels
    • Soft Woods
    • Tile
    • Ceramic
    • Concrete - Reinforced
  • Machines
    • Right Angle Grinder
100 mm Diameter
DimensionsArbor holeWheel typeExternal specMax Operating Speed RPMPack QuantityPart #
100 x 3 x 16 mm16 mmType 42C30/2P153001066253371766
115 mm Diameter
125 mm Diameter
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