New stacking robot reducing safety risks

We are excited to share a new milestone reached! Saint-Gobain Abrasives Australia has taken a revolutionary step towards manufacturing safety and efficiency with the completion of the investment in an automated robotic stacking-unstacking cell. Located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria (Australia), the cutting-edge technology is set to transform the wheel production process by eliminating red EHS risks and increasing overall efficiency. This major investment reflects Saint-Gobain Abrasives Australia's commitment to creating a safer workplace while streamlining operations and remaining the partner of choice for high-quality cutting and grinding wheels, proudly made in Australia.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives Australia's investment in automation is a testament to its commitment to manufacturing safety and efficiency cementing its position as a forward-thinking and responsible organization in line with its continuous improvement mindset.
The innovative technology will not only benefit the company but also positively impact the lives of its employees, reinforcing Saint-Gobain Abrasives Australia's dedication to creating a safer and more productive future. As the company embarks on this transformative journey, it demonstrates leadership and inspires the industry to embrace cutting-edge solutions that elevate both safety and operational performance.
Grateful for the support from our amazing colleagues and partners. Looking forward to even greater achievements ahead!

robot image

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