Maxx range extension

The Maxx range stands for the highest premium products that Flexovit has to offer. Made in Australia the cutting wheels utilise NEW GENERATION NORZON ® PLUS GRAIN. This grain does not dull-off, instead it simply fractures revealing a razor sharp edge every time. In a continuing effort to bring new innovative products to the market and through extensive R&D 1.6mm hits the sweet spot, offering the best balance in quality and number of cuts for the rigours of demanding industrial applications. The Flexovit Maxx range is already used extensively in manufacturing, maintenance and repair and in markets like Foundry & Mining. Greater durability for the most demanding work. If your business is measuring performance, measure Maxx. 50% longer life than Flexovit’s #1 wheel Megaline. Minimal bur and bluing on stainless and hard steels.

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